About Us

A Brief History of the Organization
In 1987, Kashinath Halder sought villagers from five different communities to join with him in what would be the precursor to the organization known as HRVS.
Mr. Halder then formed a social development club with a total membership of 35. Each month the members paid monthly dues, each according to their means, in order to fulfill their social development ideologies.
The club planted trees, set up creche, pre-primary schools, Yoga classes and promoted health awarness programme with the interest of the local communities, at heart. When Kashinath Haider went on a mission to secure government funds for further develoment project, he quickly found that the position of "beggar" was better than him. With a lack of financial support from the government or elsewhere, growth of the fledgling organization came to a standstill.
During February, 2003, Kashinath Haider exchanged dialogue with one poor village shop keeper and discovered the man was paying a loan with as much as high 8% interest per month for the use of small loan amount for his shop. The shop owner was having problems with the lender and was in an undersirable situation. Seeing the futility of the men's predicament, Kashinath Haider approached a whole sale shop keeper for supply to goods to the poor village shop keeper and stands as guarantor and assured to collect weekly payments form the said shop owner so that the entire loan amount is repaid with in one year on a weekly basis. Thus, the shop keeper becomes the owner of his own small 1 business, reserving all profit for himself & repaid the loan in time.
This activities, which in turn become not only driving force for the organization, but also a sustainable manner to generate funds for community development.


Milestone that We have received
1987 : HRVS was created as a small organization involved in community service activities such as education, health, yoga tree planning.HRVS was officially resigestered as a society under W.B. Societies Registration Act, 1961. 
1999 : HRVS has started a primary school for the poor village children.
2000 : HRVS has a creche for the village kids.
2003 : Micro Finance activities were intitiated through women Self-Help-Groups
2007 : HRVS started construction of its own pucca building for office & school purpose.
2008 : HRVS set up Ashram on 11 Satak Land.
2009 : HRVS set up Temple at Garia with in city office compound.
2010 : School building Extension i.e. Ground floor to 1st floor.
2011 : School Building i.e. 1st floor to 2nd floor. 
2012 : Purchased land 59 Satak for School.
2013 : Purchased Land 60 Satak for the School
2014 : Another School was started by HRVS in Madhabpur Rly. Station.
2015 : Restructured ashram premises with lodging facilities of 20 orphan child and constructed school go-shala, keeping in mind for creating ashramic environment in the school.


Organisation Goals
• Sustainable development of people ensuring every one-even the most deprived can progress towards achieving basic education, health, provision of an adequate livelihood.
• To offer opportunities for personal growth and development, skill enhancement by providing techinical and vocational skills.
• To motivate and recognize the person efforts and achievement so that one can recognize one's own worth.
• To empower the poor and marginalized communiteis through economic and social development.
• To provide on going support system and services to the target group beneficiaries through efficient and readily available management information system.
• To reach our poorest and under priviledged Sector of the society for Self-reliance in health, education and economic prosperity.


Poverty Eradication and Human Development through Micro-Finance
From the time of its modest operation of micro-finance in 2003, recognized women as the primary caregivers who would ensure the education of their children and the subsequent intergenerational sustainability of their families and households. Its comprehensive approach combines Microfinance under HRVS's Economic Development programme with Health, Education, insurance coverage and other Social Development programmes, linking all the programmes strategically to counter poverty through livelihood generation and protection.


Community Development through Community Resources
With a vision of "a just, enlightened, healthy and democratic rural India free from hunger,poverty, environmental degradation, handicapped child or persons will be equal to the normal people to the maximum extent possible and all forms of exploitation based on age, sex, religion and ethnicity,"Harindanga Ramkrishna Vivekananda Sangha" started with a view to reaching this goal to help the rural poorer so as to flight against poverty.


Awards & Recognitions :

The Secretary Mr. Kashinath Halder received the following awards.

1) Allen Swamiji Award from Allen Group of Companies for his excellence performance in social services.

2) Jewel of India award from Indian Solidarity Council on 8th Oct, 2015.

3) Certificate for outstanding achievements Vijay Rattan Gold Medal Awards at New Delhi, on 8th Oct, 2015.