Micro Finance : Over view
HRVS is an organization for Socio Economic development of the community through SHG among the poor women. And Micro finance programme is the main activities of HRVS. It covers all the developmental programmes strategically for eradication of poverty through sustainable livelihood generation and protection.
Micro Credit is the largest Programme of the Sangha, truly means the human develoment by way of vocational skill development and financial back up support. Our activities are directed principally towards the development of the people, specially the women who are the poor in every respect, through promotion of self help groups. Micro credit programme was started with creation of habit of micro savings in the member of the SHGs. By the time Group become strong, the members are nurtur-ed towards the true sense of self help. Micro credit programme become vehicles for verity of desirable social developments. Increased income earned by a low - income mother translate into a chain of positive improvements for her family. This chain starts with her capacity to purchase more food; a better diet and improved nutrition stimulate better family health; improved health status results in greater resistance to disease, higher energy, greater capacity for work & learning and thus enhanced productivity contributing towards development of community in particular & Economic Health of Nation in general.


Income generation via integrated rural development
With this project, HRVS will emphasize the fundamental role of sustainable employment in long-term poverty alleviation through enhancing agricultural development in the area. In addition to providing secure livelihoods to the beneficiaries, HRVS believes that villages with stable employment are more inclined to save an borrow; to invest in expansion of their economic activities. In turn, the villagers use of these micro-finance services supports HRVS's and its vision, reinforcing a mutually beneficial cycle of activity between the rural poor and HRVS. In order to create these agricultural employment opportunities, HRVS is currently involved in preparing a comprehensive agricultural project related to water harvesting for multiple cropping.
In this part, this will involve excavation of pond/canal in order to create a Water reservoir. This tt will be used to provide year-round irrigation and allow multi-cropping for high value horticultural products such as vegetables, medicinal plants... sunflower. It will also serve as a resources for fishirng, 14 raising ducks, as well as water shed for drainage of the execess water during the rainy season.


Health Programme :
We are proud to say that our organization participated in the famous "Ganga Sagar Mela" with a medical team to provide the medical support to the lakhs of pilgrims, We had been in the mela for continuous 5 days. Our society organises health camp, eye camp, at least thick in year.
Our oath & comtment to the society for its betterment. It is for kind information that our secretary Mr. Kashinath Halder received a prestigious " Allen Swamiji Award"  from Allen group of companies for his excellence performance in the field of social activities.
SHG Programme :
HRVS is an organization for socio economic development of the community through SHG among the poor woman. It covers all the development programme strategicall for livelihood generation & protection. Total No. of SHG Groups formed by us around 196 we could disbursed 92-97 lacs of rupees to 141 nos. of SHG  where in 1500 families are involved.
School Programme :
we have started our school Vivekananda Patha Bhawan in the year 2003 with 18 nos. of student initially. At present no. of students are more than 550 nos. and classes are from pre-primary to class-VIII. Teaching staff are 22 nos. & non-teaching staff are 4 nos. Most of the teaching staff are graduate/master degree with montessory trained.
Student come to our school live within the 2/3 k.m. radius of the School. Our school is, a bit different in all respect other then the schools of "SUNDARBAN."
Study Centre :
We started study centre in the year 2010 with 18 nos. of student. Present student strength are 291. Tuition is given from class -V to Madhyamik standard. Few guardian of the area who cannot afford to give education to their children, because of poverty, our organisation HRVS, are taking the responsibilities of education at free of cost. Nos. of such students are about 17.
Ashram :
We started "Gurukul" Ashram within the school campus in the year 2008. The "Gita Bhagwad" & "Ramkrishna Kathamritam" are consulted and recited nin every morning & in evening. Local villagers, students used to participate there. The main objective behind this Gurukul Ashram is that to impact education in the line of ideology of Gurukul Ashram. So that the students, learn discipline, built moral character and improved their mentality and be a good citizen. The Ashram has an orphanage where  9 orphans have been living.
Right :
From their right our intension is to educate students the spiritual & ethical education alongwith general education and like to keep on instance "Ashramic School" to the future generation.
Matri Prashikshan :
Mother of the studnets of Vivekananda Patha Bhawan are often invited in seminar/ training programme and we extend training on suitable income generating programme. At the same time, we also guide/help the mother how to improve their children in education, health etc.
Women Empowerment :
HRVS is an organisation for socio-economic development of the community through SHG among the poor women. It covers all the development programmes stratigically for eradication of poverty through sustainable livelihood generation programme and providing training or income generating programme.
Societies Programme :
Society observes notable days & birth anniversary of Great Man for student as well as villagers for enjoyment & of its educative value. Swarnamoyee Anukul Vidyaniketan Madhabpur, 24 Pgs(S). We have started another school in the year 2015, where pri-primary to primary classes are held.
Observence 150 Years Birth Anniversary :
Our Organization HRVS celebrated 150 years anniversary with the students of the school. I was in a seminar on the " Ideology of Swami Vivekananda"  and it continued for 3 days. We also observed notable, Red -Letter days for the studnets & villages, mothers, who find pleasures, enjoyment and this knowledge is share.